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Why Legal Rape after rape?
March 18, 2015

A women who has been raped often encounters painful and humiliating procedures. The rape victim’s fear of appearing at the trial of the the suspect.

The Reason are

  1. She is sent to a hospital emergency room where she may wait a longtime for medical examination and the collection of evidence that is needed to convict a suspect

  2. She is asked to tell her story of sexual assault several times in the court and Police station.

  3. She will feel uncomfortable when she goes outside her home.

  4. She will face the problem to get married with her choice.

  5. She have to get married with old aged or divorcee.

  6. Some cases women got pregnant due to her rape and alot of countries abortion of that case almost impossible.

Our law and order must think about those question which are asked several times in the court and Police Station.

This is not end for that women who have face like that problem. But Men must have to think about this serious matter cause  every family must have one mother or one sister. If they wants safe life for their sister and mother Why not for the rest of the girl or women.

Safety of women are social responsibility for every Men in the whole world.


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