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Reason Of Increasing Crime
March 10, 2015
crime a


   Every Men or Women would like to become a Doctors , Engineers , Advocates , Chartered Accountant, Businessman Etc. But no Body wants to become Criminal, Murdered, rapist Etc.

Some Important Problems are indirectly responsible for this.

Higher Inflation rate   Increasing inflation rate is indirectly responsible for the crime. A person who has source of income are low. he is unable to survive life in higher inflation. Therefore he have to do crime , like theft , Chain snatching, taking bribes etc.

Solutions is Control on inflation and its impact must be reached to the public.

Weak Law and Order    Late or wrong in judgement are also responsible for increasing crime. Rapes , Murders , Land acquisitions etc cases takes 10 to 20 years for judgement. Therefore victim have to attract for crime.

Solutions is Establish Fast Track court for every Big crime and time limitation of its judgement. 

Unemployment    Qualified or Unqualified persons wants jobs to survive a life. But all government in the whole world are unable to provides 90% to 100% jobs. Any person can wait one or two years for job after that he may attract to crime like Theft , Chain Snatching etc.

Solutions is Manufacturing and servicing of goods in home country instead of its imports from other countries.

Jobs creation activities.


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