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Radiations Vs Cancer
February 25, 2015
radiation a


Almost studies said that radiation may be responsible for cancer and it is spreading rapidly all around the world.

Radiation Instruments

Microwave, Power & Telephony, Radio Frequency, Infrared Rays, Ultra Violet Rays, X Rays, Gamma Rays, Television, WIfI , Visible Lights, Medical Scanners,  Navigation, Power Lines, Washing Machine, Computer, FM Radio. Etc.

Every men, women and Kids are using radiation instrument like Television, Mobile, Radio, Microwave, WIFI ,  Washing Machine, Computer, FM Radio Etc. It means, We have created completely radiation environment in our home.

if we are connected this radiation average an hour in a day than after few years we may suffer from cancer.There for we can minimize risk as per Followings.


  1. Never use mobile phone when network is weak.
  2. Never use Mobile phone when battery is low. Radiation increase 1000 times of the mobile Phone.
  3. Don’t Tag Bluetooth device with your ear every time.
  4. When mobile network switch to roaming or home network. radiation increase that time. Than you should not use mobile phone.
  5. Never sleep with a cell phone switched on at night beside your bed.
  6. This might be in a bus, train, car etc. In a moving vehicle the cell phone antenna is constantly scanning for contact and therefore operating at increased signal strength, hence radiation emissions are increased. .
  7. Use land line phone in your home instead of mobile.
  8. Use speaker phone to talk on mobile when ever possible.
  9. Do not give mobile phones to children.
  10. Use Airplane mode when you are bust in meeting or any other reason.

Computer, Television and Refrigerator

  1. Watch TV more than Six feet distance.
  2. Don’t Sit too closed to your computer.
  3. Remove computer and TV from bedroom.
  4. computers, TVs, refrigerators etc, be placed up against outside walls.
  5. Do not use computers or TV in children’s room.
  6. Replace your wireless keyboard,mouse, printer and whatever else you have that is wireless with USB wired versions.

Microwave oven

  1. Don’t stand close to your microwave oven.
  2. Don’t  uses heat generating radiations for cooking. If the appliance is not well protected, microwaves will leak out.

Washing Machine

  1. Wash cloth once a week.
  2. When you are washing cloths. Keep distance more than six feet after feeding timer.
  3. switch off the batten of washing machine when you are doing work near washing machine.


  1. Buy The 5 star rating Modem Router.
  2. Use The Right Ethernet Cable.
  3. switched of the WIFI when it is not in used.
  4. Many routers have a strong enough signal to maintain a connection up to 100 meter from the router. Make sure you put as much distance between you and your wireless router.


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