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flood and drought

When ever raining hard in some area we face big problems like water lodging, flood, diseases, deaths and damages of roads and bridges etc. if the raining are less than we have to face drought. Than we have to face inflation , Deaths, lack of foods etc. We are watching in news that some area are facing flood and another one are facing drought. Every country have lost of thousands of crores and lives of peoples in drought and flood. Every government are paying thousands of crores as a compensation to the victim for drought and flood. But we have find out the solutions of flood and drought.  We can do as per followings.

  •  Identify the flood area.

  • Make well and lakes in flood zone.

  • Make roads and bridges for the object that water flow during the raining must go in the direction of the well and lakes.

  • All well and lakes must be connected with rivers.

  • River must be connected with drought area by making new rivers.

     We can invest the money of compensation for  making the rivers.

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