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Strong and healthy hair
Healthy and strong Hair
April 2, 2015
Strong and Healthy Hair


Potato juice prevents hair loss, hair growth, which is good. There are quite a few people know about it. So if you want your hair naturally grows Find potato juice in it. Find potato juice on the scalp and wash after 15 minutes. Vitamins are found in potato found in potato and strengthen your hair long

A paste of fenugreek seeds are made by applying the hair is thick and long. In addition to conditioning the hair Sikakai is very beneficial.

Nigella seeds in water mix grinding. Some days the water to wash the hair and thick hair Jdnha begin to close.

A teaspoon of the olive oil falling honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder, make a paste. Apply this paste on the head before bath. After 15 minutes wash the hair. Doing so in a few days, hair loss problem will be solved.

Green coriander baldness goes over to coat.

Nard roots boiled in coconut oil before going to bed every day cooling premature hair graying and loss on the massage stops. That its use be two-faced hair stops. Additionally, the hair roots are strong.

Neem leaves anti-biotic, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic happen. For this reason, the troubles in the head and the hair is also removed. Grinding the dried leaves of the neem henna, amla, soapwort, an hour by Sikakai mixed hair wash away the hair is dark and soft and Dendrf.

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