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Divide And Rule Are Still Working Due To Reservations.
February 27, 2015

Every countries have alot of castes , religions. but these countries are giving benefits to the  particulars castes and religions while the others are ignored.

  1.  Reservation in govt Jobs with less percentage of marks  it mean government works are done by the less quality peoples. than we are unable to get best result in a particular area like defense , Finance , railway , taxation etc.
  2.  Reservation in  School and colleges at the time of  admission means we are compromising with quality of education and those students who are getting better marks other than others.
  3. Reservation in promotion means we are promoting those peoples who are less talented. if they reach in big post where we have to take some big decision for the country. it may harmful for the country peoples.
  4. Reservation in teachers recruitment with less percentage of marks means less quality teacher. It means they never teach better to the students. Therefore we must produce less quality students. This circle will continue for many hundred years. Then result of this system must ruined the country

 Eligibility for  government grant.

  1. Government help must be given to every financial weak people of the every caste and religions
  2. Government help must be given to every widow , Divorcee and handicept person
  3. Government help must be given to every those kids who’s parents have been expired and no source of other income.

 Our politician are giving the reservation to the different class of people for their vote bank. if  this  system is continue in future than our country must be divide in alot of Pieces. Hence divide are rule are still working only players changed


if you like it please share it. its the matter of our country.


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