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How to minimize Rape?
March 5, 2015

 Every Parents wants that. Their baby girl must be safe from Cheap boys. But They never try to give a lesson to their baby boy about respect of all girls. If we want to minimize the rape than we have to adopt some guide lines in our life as per followings.

Parents Responsibility

  1. Boys and Girls must be get Married in time.
  2. Multimedia mobiles must not be given to to their kids until they reached 18 years.
  3. Make objection in School and Colleges if they give the home work for their kids with help of internet.
  4. If parents give the mobile to their children examine their mobiles.
  5. Take immediate action if learnt that your kids are going in wrong direction.

Government Responsibility

  1. Internet must not be used  upto  12th Standard classes in every Schools.
  2. Establish the fast Track court to resolve the issue related to rapes.
  3. Strictly implement the law and order in the countries with equality.
  4. Self protection class for girls in every School and Colleges.
  5. Boys and Girls schools and colleges must be separated.
  6. When girls and boys comes late night in home than always ask reason of late.

Boys Responsibility

  1. Boys must think that if they wants respect  their real or cousins sisters or mother. Than they have to respect to all girls in the whole world.
  2.  Never use the internet for porn purpose.
  3.  Some Boys are in bad habits Therefore noble persons never makes friendship with them.
  4. never consume Drink or liqueur when you are going on date with some one.

Girls Responsibility

  1. Avoid drinks cause alcohol is a factor of all sexual assaults.
  2. sexual assault are someone the victim knows. object it from starting when ever you feel.
  3. Sexual assault can happen at a party or date with friends. Therefore stick with your friends.
  4. Make a plan before you go out. setup checkpoints or code words to make it easy for you and your friends to stay connected.
  5. Never consume liqueur when ever you go in the party.
  6. If you take drink than never share your drinks.
  7. Don’t drink anything that tastes strange.
  8. Never go those party where drink are chargeable for men but free for women.
  9. Always keep your cell phone charged and on you. You never know when you will need it.
  10. If something doesn’t feel right to you, leave and get to safe place immediately.
  11. Be clear about what’s okay for you.
  12. Stay in control. alcohol is the most common date-rape drug.
  13. Tell a friend where you are going. Especially if your are going out on a first date or a blind date.
  14. Always carry enough money to take taxi for home.
  15. Pay attention to what you have heard about some one. A person may have a bad  reputation for any reason.
  16. Examine attitude about money and power in the relationship.
  17. if you feel pressured  , fearful than protest loudly, leave and go for help.
  18. Join Self defense classes in School , colleges and in home.
  19. Challenge sexist attitude that make rape acceptable
  20. Dressing sense of Girls and woman are also responsible for sexual assault.
  21. Boys and Girls never be a good friends. it is 90 % true. Avoid friendship with boys.
  22. Avoid Short Dresses.

If you have other suggestion for boys , Girls , Parents and government  for minimize the rape than reply me. it must be helpful for you and whole world.

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