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What is another option to file F.I.R.?
February 12, 2015


Some cases Police did not file the F.I.R. We have find out the solution to lodge a F.I.R. against someone.


1 F.I.R. Though ATM Machine with ATM card cause ATM Machine
already installed Camera.

2 ATM card already registered with bank.

3 Bank have all information of the client.

4 After Filing F.I.R. one copy must be sent to state Chief
Minister , Prime Minister , Governor , President of India and
Police Commissioner.

5 ATM Machine Will provide F.I.R. number to the the person who
have lodge the F.I.R.

IF we adopt this system than we can file F.I.R. easily.

Option – 2

  1. F.I.R. through internet via computers and Mobiles
  2. Starting from some less important F.I.R like theft of Two Wheeler or four Wheeler , Lost of driving license , Debit Card , Credit Card, Mobile Phones, Chain Snatching, Ration card Etc.
  3. It will be started in small area of a state.
  4. Online F.I.R. Must be issued on internet.
  5. Action must be taken by police in Limited Time.
  6. Complain must be sent to state Chief
    Minister , Prime Minister , Governor , President of India and
    Police Commissioner.in first attempt.




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