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February 24, 2015
corruption 3

Every Country in the world are facing corruption problem in Government departments. We Suggest you following solutions to control it.

  1.  All government Tax Liabilities must be paid through online.
  2.  All goods Transit forms must be issued online.
  3. Registration of  Taxation must be online.
  4. Stop License System for starting to the businesses and professions.
  5. Reforms in Judicial , Police , Taxation department, Chartered accountant, Advocates Etc. They are directly or indirectly responsible for corruption.
  6. Stop Promotion of that person who takes bribes.
  7. Demotion of that person Who takes bribes.
  8. Permanent job dismissal.
  9. Seize  All properties.
  10. Terminate retirement benefits.
  11. Separate fast Track court to solve Corruptions issues.
  12. Corruptions charges must be solved with in Six month.
  13.  Imprisonment.
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