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Crime Reasons
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Flood and Drought problemsVSSolutions
Hit and run car accident
Land Acquire Problems VS Solutions
Minimize rape
Radiation VS Cancer
Rape and Legal Rape.
Strong and healthy hair
Why ? Road Tax , Toll Tax and Service Tax for Using the Road and Bridges.
October 20, 2015
Toll Tax

payment or fee exacted by the state, the local authorities, etc., for some right or privilege, as for passage along a road or over a bridge.

Government are charging advance road tax from us When ever we buy a vehicle. Then we have to make RC (registration charges)for that Vehicle. it is advance 15 years road tax.

Every person are paying service tax in  many types. This is service tax are using for making roads and bridges. Why are Govt. are imposing   Toll Tax?

Now the government already introduced Toll tax. Which is approximately Rs 1.00 to Rs 3.00 per Kilometer. This  is third type of tax which is paid by the public for using roads and bridges.

Every toll gate have  limited life to charge as a toll tax. but it is continuously working and never closed.

Toll Tax is paid by only general public but not paid by M.L.A, M.P. , Ministers,  Etc.



India has one the world’s fastest-growing car markets, About 11.50 Lacs Indians were killed in car accidents over the past decade, on average one every four minutes, while 55 Lacs were seriously injured.

  1. Sleeping on the road which are for driving only. if any vehicle crush them.  Administration are also responsible for this.
  2. Poor lane discipline, driving in the fog , overloading , calling on the mobile ,  Multitasking during the driving, drive without indicators, Speeding, Driving without sleeping, drink driving and non-wearing of seat-belts are common reason for accidents. But no strictly action against them by the administration.
  3. Driving by children is also responsible for accident.
  4. When ever we drive a vehicle on the road. it is a chance of accident due to self mistake or others.
  5.  Every countries have alot of Laws and orders for driving and its punishments in the  case of rash driving.





Thinks Only About Disaster Management at the time of Disaster
April 28, 2015

Disaster Management can be defined as the organization and management of resources and responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarian aspects of emergencies, in particular preparedness, response and recovery in order to lessen the impact of disasters

We Knows the effect of any type of Disaster but we have to do as per followings

  1. Earthquake, Tsunami etc early warning system must be developed
  2. Emergency drills organized by public and private organizations at work Places, School, Colleges Etc.
  3. The Devices and its network are designed to predict the height, speed, location and arrival time of any tsunami , earthquake etc.
  4. Coastal city planning throughout the nation for Tsunami after earthquake.
  5. Hard work on the subject of Earthquake science.
  6. Develop the devices who must do one time SMS to all mobiles users rapidly.
  7. All FM, Television Channels must be converted its present program to warning message about Earthquake, Tsunami Etc
  8. All internet websites immediately must be stop and show warning messages only.
  9. Government approved warning logo must be used for avoid rumors.
  10. Develop the system which can Supply of foods , waters  and other essentials at the time of disasters.
  11. Identify the dangers zones and Public must be strictly prohibited to live there.
  12. Building must be built who can absorbed the earthquake shocks.
  13. One open ground must be available at the crowded area. Which must be used as a assembly point at the time of disaster.
  14. Flood areas must be connected with drought areas.
  15. strictly action against those Peoples who have created like this situations by making cheap houses , illegally cutting trees,  Mining Etc.

I know this is very typical to use in practical life but nothing is impossible.

Once There was a God
April 17, 2015
No legal action against DoctorsNo legal action against Doctors

Doctors were known as a god on the earth. some doctors are working for safety and care of patients. But some doctors are working for  money only. They are not honest about their professions. The reason behind it as per followings.

Refer to  the patients: if the doctor are unable to give proper treatment to the patient then They refer to the patient to other healthcare professionals like Dentist, ENT Specialist, Gynecologist, Microbiologist, Neurologist, Orthopedist, Plastic Surgeon , Physiologists,  Urologist Etc. They take commission from them cause they have referred the patients. Therefore treatment of the patient become costly.

Medicines:  Medical stores are established in the big and small hospitals. This is helpful  for the attendant of the patientBut he buy medicine from there than cost of the medicine are  several times costly of its actual price. Even the salt of a product are same. reason behind it that. owner of the hospitals or doctors takes huge commission from them.Therefore treatment of the patient become costly. 

laboratory: Laboratory are also available  in the hospitals. This is also helpful for the attendant of the patient. But alot of technicians are not qualified therefore their false observation must harmful  for the patients  life. reason behind that is recruitment of cheap workforce.

Canteen: Canteen are also available  in the hospitals. This is also helpful for the attendant of the patient. Cost of the every product several time costly of its actual price. Now once again treatment of patient increase once again.


  1. Name of  the Experienced doctors list in the country must be publish in the news papers , Media and in the outside of the hospitals. It must be diseased wise .
  2. Medical store must be prohibited in the hospital. It must be just outside of the hospitals. which must be under control of Government
  3. Canteen must be prohibited in the hospital. it must be just outside of the hospitals.
  4. Laboratory technicians must be qualified in the hospital. if they are not qualified than hospitals must be seized.Copy Paste doctors:   Some helpers or nurse works with the doctors and take some experience with them after some time they open their shop also and give the treatment of the patient. It must be prohibited
Flood and Drought Solutions
flood and drought

When ever raining hard in some area we face big problems like water lodging, flood, diseases, deaths and damages of roads and bridges etc. if the raining are less than we have to face drought. Than we have to face inflation , Deaths, lack of foods etc. We are watching in news that some area are facing flood and another one are facing drought. Every country have lost of thousands of crores and lives of peoples in drought and flood. Every government are paying thousands of crores as a compensation to the victim for drought and flood. But we have find out the solutions of flood and drought.  We can do as per followings.

  •  Identify the flood area.

  • Make well and lakes in flood zone.

  • Make roads and bridges for the object that water flow during the raining must go in the direction of the well and lakes.

  • All well and lakes must be connected with rivers.

  • River must be connected with drought area by making new rivers.

     We can invest the money of compensation for  making the rivers.

Healthy and strong Hair
April 2, 2015
Strong and Healthy Hair


Potato juice prevents hair loss, hair growth, which is good. There are quite a few people know about it. So if you want your hair naturally grows Find potato juice in it. Find potato juice on the scalp and wash after 15 minutes. Vitamins are found in potato found in potato and strengthen your hair long

A paste of fenugreek seeds are made by applying the hair is thick and long. In addition to conditioning the hair Sikakai is very beneficial.

Nigella seeds in water mix grinding. Some days the water to wash the hair and thick hair Jdnha begin to close.

A teaspoon of the olive oil falling honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder, make a paste. Apply this paste on the head before bath. After 15 minutes wash the hair. Doing so in a few days, hair loss problem will be solved.

Green coriander baldness goes over to coat.

Nard roots boiled in coconut oil before going to bed every day cooling premature hair graying and loss on the massage stops. That its use be two-faced hair stops. Additionally, the hair roots are strong.

Neem leaves anti-biotic, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic happen. For this reason, the troubles in the head and the hair is also removed. Grinding the dried leaves of the neem henna, amla, soapwort, an hour by Sikakai mixed hair wash away the hair is dark and soft and Dendrf.

Why Legal Rape after rape?
March 18, 2015

A women who has been raped often encounters painful and humiliating procedures. The rape victim’s fear of appearing at the trial of the the suspect.

The Reason are

  1. She is sent to a hospital emergency room where she may wait a longtime for medical examination and the collection of evidence that is needed to convict a suspect

  2. She is asked to tell her story of sexual assault several times in the court and Police station.

  3. She will feel uncomfortable when she goes outside her home.

  4. She will face the problem to get married with her choice.

  5. She have to get married with old aged or divorcee.

  6. Some cases women got pregnant due to her rape and alot of countries abortion of that case almost impossible.

Our law and order must think about those question which are asked several times in the court and Police Station.

This is not end for that women who have face like that problem. But Men must have to think about this serious matter cause  every family must have one mother or one sister. If they wants safe life for their sister and mother Why not for the rest of the girl or women.

Safety of women are social responsibility for every Men in the whole world.


Reason Of Increasing Crime
March 10, 2015
crime a


   Every Men or Women would like to become a Doctors , Engineers , Advocates , Chartered Accountant, Businessman Etc. But no Body wants to become Criminal, Murdered, rapist Etc.

Some Important Problems are indirectly responsible for this.

Higher Inflation rate   Increasing inflation rate is indirectly responsible for the crime. A person who has source of income are low. he is unable to survive life in higher inflation. Therefore he have to do crime , like theft , Chain snatching, taking bribes etc.

Solutions is Control on inflation and its impact must be reached to the public.

Weak Law and Order    Late or wrong in judgement are also responsible for increasing crime. Rapes , Murders , Land acquisitions etc cases takes 10 to 20 years for judgement. Therefore victim have to attract for crime.

Solutions is Establish Fast Track court for every Big crime and time limitation of its judgement. 

Unemployment    Qualified or Unqualified persons wants jobs to survive a life. But all government in the whole world are unable to provides 90% to 100% jobs. Any person can wait one or two years for job after that he may attract to crime like Theft , Chain Snatching etc.

Solutions is Manufacturing and servicing of goods in home country instead of its imports from other countries.

Jobs creation activities.


How to minimize Rape?
March 5, 2015

 Every Parents wants that. Their baby girl must be safe from Cheap boys. But They never try to give a lesson to their baby boy about respect of all girls. If we want to minimize the rape than we have to adopt some guide lines in our life as per followings.

Parents Responsibility

  1. Boys and Girls must be get Married in time.
  2. Multimedia mobiles must not be given to to their kids until they reached 18 years.
  3. Make objection in School and Colleges if they give the home work for their kids with help of internet.
  4. If parents give the mobile to their children examine their mobiles.
  5. Take immediate action if learnt that your kids are going in wrong direction.

Government Responsibility

  1. Internet must not be used  upto  12th Standard classes in every Schools.
  2. Establish the fast Track court to resolve the issue related to rapes.
  3. Strictly implement the law and order in the countries with equality.
  4. Self protection class for girls in every School and Colleges.
  5. Boys and Girls schools and colleges must be separated.
  6. When girls and boys comes late night in home than always ask reason of late.

Boys Responsibility

  1. Boys must think that if they wants respect  their real or cousins sisters or mother. Than they have to respect to all girls in the whole world.
  2.  Never use the internet for porn purpose.
  3.  Some Boys are in bad habits Therefore noble persons never makes friendship with them.
  4. never consume Drink or liqueur when you are going on date with some one.

Girls Responsibility

  1. Avoid drinks cause alcohol is a factor of all sexual assaults.
  2. sexual assault are someone the victim knows. object it from starting when ever you feel.
  3. Sexual assault can happen at a party or date with friends. Therefore stick with your friends.
  4. Make a plan before you go out. setup checkpoints or code words to make it easy for you and your friends to stay connected.
  5. Never consume liqueur when ever you go in the party.
  6. If you take drink than never share your drinks.
  7. Don’t drink anything that tastes strange.
  8. Never go those party where drink are chargeable for men but free for women.
  9. Always keep your cell phone charged and on you. You never know when you will need it.
  10. If something doesn’t feel right to you, leave and get to safe place immediately.
  11. Be clear about what’s okay for you.
  12. Stay in control. alcohol is the most common date-rape drug.
  13. Tell a friend where you are going. Especially if your are going out on a first date or a blind date.
  14. Always carry enough money to take taxi for home.
  15. Pay attention to what you have heard about some one. A person may have a bad  reputation for any reason.
  16. Examine attitude about money and power in the relationship.
  17. if you feel pressured  , fearful than protest loudly, leave and go for help.
  18. Join Self defense classes in School , colleges and in home.
  19. Challenge sexist attitude that make rape acceptable
  20. Dressing sense of Girls and woman are also responsible for sexual assault.
  21. Boys and Girls never be a good friends. it is 90 % true. Avoid friendship with boys.
  22. Avoid Short Dresses.

If you have other suggestion for boys , Girls , Parents and government  for minimize the rape than reply me. it must be helpful for you and whole world.

Land Acquire Problems Vs Solutions
Land Acquire

Government alot of time acquired lands of the Farmers for establishment of SEZ , (Special Economics Zones) Companies, Manufacturing units, Trading and servicing units Etc. for boost the economy. But after some time it is not using for objective purpose.Government are giving nominal compensation to the owner of the land. Therefore owner of land have to file the case in the court or get suicide. We have some solutions as per following.

  1. Owners of the land must get partnership in the Businesses.
  2. Owners of the land must be director in the Businesses.
  3. Lease the property instead of get acquired.
  4. Give the compensation to the owner of the property on every increase value of the property.
  5. Give the  Royalty to the owners of the land.
  6. Take consent of the local public. where is the land going to be acquired.
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